Jones Architecture: Building A New Firm From Scratch

Leap of Faith

In March 2011, architect Rick Jones was ready to break out and start his own firm in Salem, Massachusetts. Architecture-Firm-in-a-Box (patent pending) had not yet been invented, and many of his constituents told him horror stories of web designers and "computer people" they had hired. Tales of un-editable websites, crashing computers, inflated invoices and weird keyboard residue were all too frequent1.

Undeterred, Mr. Jones took a chance with Horne Visual Media, asking us to help him with his technology infrastructure, website and branding. By enlisting us for all three tasks, only one line of communication was necessary, thereby reducing his admin time and allowing him to practice architecture and occasionally eat lunch.

Jones Architecture finds a Home (page)

To get things started, we custom-built a plan for his computer and network infrastructure; conservative to begin but ultimately scalable for a larger workforce2. We then discussed the many pros and cons of domain names3 and once settled, got his cloud-based email system up and running. "Mail, contacts and calendar syncing on his laptop, home computer and phone?" you may ask. "Cloud-based domain management?" you may inquire. "Ability to add new employees to the network in minutes?" you might posit.

Yes, sure, and you betcha.

So jonesarch.com is ours, now what?

With the riveting IT stuff out of the way, it was time to talk about brand and web presence. Rick wisely surmised that if he could project a professional body of work from the outset, he would not have to worry with it once the business took flight. He took a stab at a business card4—a "generic" quickfire play on the ubiquity of "Jones" to get business cards in-hand—but he realized he'd need help to get a more polished look across everything his brand touched.

So we set to work, performing market analysis and brand research, providing a framework for the project. Armed with a coherent context, Rick's succinct firm objectives and a six pack of beer, we developed numerous concepts and through an iterative and interactive process, found our mark:

Once established, Horne Visual simultaneously developed the business cards, website, stationery and project sheets for Jones Architecture—all the while engaging Rick and incorporating his invaluable input at every critical juncture. The result, as you can see below, is a unified, professional look that has served him well in his firm's first year, and should serve him well for years to come5.

Check out the website to find out more about Jones Architecture.