Wilson Butler Architects: Shifting Needs for High Performance

Cut from A Different Cloth

Wilson Butler Architects are not your daddy’s architecture firm1. These fearless problem-solvers--Scott Wilson, Scott Butler and Bruce Herrmann—think outside of the box so frequently that the box is currently seeking a career change. With a laser-sharp focus on arts and entertainment venues, these storytellers narrate through their architecture, both on land and on sea! For over thirteen years they have cultivated a personality and liveliness that eschews a traditional approach to architecture, focusing on the experience of the patron not only when the theatre doors are open, but before and after the show as well.

The website, launched in 2008 by Horne Visual Media

Not surprisingly, Horne Visual Media has worked closely with Wilson Butler for over a decade, initially in a strictly IT capacity and subsequently in roles that include web development, software training, creative consultancy and interpretive macramé2.

Big, Small, Fast, Slow

To support a firm of 20+ employees and its various ups and downs, we’ve had to balance proactivity with reactivity. Expansion and contraction are inevitable for any small business, and being able to balance IT budgets has as much to do with a fundamental understanding of the company’s situation as it does bits and bytes. Anyone can provide a quote for a new server, but if you trust your IT support, wouldn’t you rather share the budgetary constraints *before* getting an obscene proposal? It’s a waste of time to play that game any other way.

Easier said than done, we know, but it’s a luxury afforded over the years between Wilson Butler and Horne Visual. The task list reads like a resume, but here’s what else we do for WBA: rapid workstation deployment, server acquisition and installation, wireless access points, VPNs, smartphone integration3, new data wiring coordination, plan reviews, collateral concept work, blog updates and one of those little digital stamp machines…just to name a few.

yup, that's a bocce lawn...on a ship

The Uptick

Recently, Wilson Butler has enjoyed unprecedented growth, and we couldn’t be happier for them.  Staff size and physical office space have doubled and we’ve absorbed the influx with aplomb. New phone system and gigabit data network, twelve additional workstations, new software licenses, new server and backup system, all of which were purchased, installed and integrated…in about two months.

Two months, huzzah!4 How were we able to accomplish so much in short timeframe? Knowing our clients and keeping an open dialog when changes are afoot, even if it those changes won’t affect IT for some time. It’s how we prevent most surprises and streamline our process. We knew of a possible hiring spree back in the Summer, so we were able to solve most of the complex operational problems well before anyone knew the problems existed. We're sort of like those future cops in that Tom Cruise movie, except without the floating cars. Or the bald zombies sleeping in tubes and dreaming about bad people.

Check out Wilson Butler’s website here. Caution: there may be bobbleheads.