Catabasis Pharmaceuticals: A Quick Study in Science & Technology

Pulling the Trigger, Taking a Chance

It's May, 2010, you are in charge of a fledgling biopharmaceutical company with seven full-time employees, and your growth plan suddenly calls for a staff increase of up to 300% in the next two years. You currently have part-time IT help and your laptops were all purchased from the local "computer store." Your data is scattered among these laptops and a receptionist desk that doubles as the server. It may be time to contact Horne Visual Media. And that's exactly what Catabasis Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge did.

Obviously, Catabasis is not a design firm—far from it. And while design firms are our forte, it took only one informal meeting to know we would be a good fit for their company. With a fierce growth track anticipated, their needs would be primarily targeted toward network infrastructure and support, which was fine by us. This was a chance for us to support a company that was growing at rates we'd never seen, and likewise an opportunity for a young pharmaceutical company to invest in a local consultancy with some chops.

Helping Today, Anticipating Tomorrow

So we began as we always do with our IT clients, taking stock of their existing inventory while helping with the day-to-day small stuff. This approach has been a winning formula1 for us, as it allows us to build chemistry1 with clients as we look ahead to the bigger issues. For example, we started by updating anti-virus software and printer drivers on laptops, but we were heading toward bigger things, such as centralizing data, sharing network resources and developing new methods for collaboration.

When Cloudy is a Good Thing

The good news was that the brain trust at Catabasis—CEO Jill Milne, Ph.D. and CSO2 Mike Jirousek, Ph.D.—had the foresight to invest in a cloud-based communication and collaboration system3 when they founded the company. All they lacked was an administrator to help them integrate it fully with their office environment. With Horne Visual now onboard, our job was clear: make the system efficient and easy to add new employees while reducing downtime in the event of a computer failure or upgrade.

So we did that. Good thing, too, because by the end of 2010, Catabasis had a staff of fourteen. Then in March of 2011 it was nineteen strong and moving into a brand new office. By the end of 2011, twenty-three, and in March 2012, twenty-five.

No End in Sight

To no one's surprise, there is talk of further expansion and continued growth—and we're ready! We have scalable solutions in place, from the wireless mesh network to the internet-managed routers, from stackable switches to robust server storage—we're good to go. It's simple and efficient because we set it up that way.

Want proof? We average less than a day and a half support per week handling the entire office.

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