Point and Shoot: What We Can Do for Your Firm

Fix-It 3000 (Prototype)

Adeptly Adapt, Nimbly Navigate, Succinctly Solve

Like a weapon of mass production, our clients point us in the direction of the problem and leave it in our capable hands. The requests may vary wildly, but most fall under these categories: Technological Support, Web Design, Graphic Design and Photography.1  Many of our clients hire us for more than one of these, but if you just need one, that’s fine, too.

Technological Support

DNS, DHCP, FSMO, FQDN and SCSI…blah blah blah. If you’re our client, you’ve probably never heard us talk about these things. Your job is too important to hear about ours. If it’s all the same to you, we’ll just take care of it and report back, no need to assault you with techno-jargon.2

IT outfits are a dime a dozen, so what makes us different? Quite simply, our ability to step a few feet away from the warm glow of the monitor to see the bigger picture.3 So often IT consultants get into a “bigger band-aid” rut where solutions iteratively become more complicated and time-consuming, all because an earlier solution should have been re-examined.

Honestly, the fewer hours you need from us, the better job we’re doing.  We aren’t worried that a new technology might cut into our hours, so we have no problem suggesting it!  On the contrary, the more we help you achieve technological autonomy, the more you’ll rave about us to your peers. At the very least, it’d be super-awesome if you mentioned it at parties...4

Web / Graphic Design

You’re looking at it.  This is our freshest website, with new branding, design and color palette, super-light web code, and compatible with any modern browser (looks sweet on a tablet, to boot). It showcases a lot of what we offer, so please do look around and kick the tires.

But we digress. We lumped web and graphic design together because we know it’s important to portray a consistent brand identity to your clients, whether they’re on your website to find a phone number or reviewing a multimillion dollar proposal. Your brand and your website should say everything about your firm, and carefully considering the image you wish to portray—through all media—reflects your company’s strength and core values.  It is the first best impression, so don’t blow it.5

If you hire us to assist with your website, logo, and/or digital/printed collateral, we’ll do the heavy lifting: market research, firm discovery, stakeholder interviews, and anything else required to provide context for our task.  After that comes the fun: developing concepts, designing comps and ultimately producing finished pieces—all created with your input at every critical juncture.

The result is often very gratifying, because in addition to having a carefully considered design, our clients have a story to tell.  When asked about the slick new business cards or striking logo, they can talk about how it reflects their firms’ ideals and goals, instead of the more common, “You know, I’ve always loved purple, and I had Century Gothic on my home computer, so I figured…”

Aim. Shoot. Repeat.


We love photography--every so often someone asks us to point our camera at something, and we usually oblige. Good equipment + decent eye + moderate amount of luck = photographs people enjoy. We’re not being humble, just calling ‘em like we see ‘em. If you like what you see on our site and on our photo page, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.